RockstepStone Veneer Steps

Why RockStep?

  • Simple, quick installations
  • No heavy equipment required
  • Choice of sizes and colors
  • Consistent 6" height
  • Consistently flat, level surfaces
  • Minimal yard disturbance
  • No material waste

Same great look. Far less work. 


Benefits of RockStep Stone Veneer Steps

Natural Stone Appearance

Although RockSteps are manufactured, we use natural stone to mold every step, which creates a very realistic look for your landscaping design project. 

Rockstep Modular Steps


Easy handling. Although the weight varies by size, RockSteps are easily handled - normally with 2 people. This includes loading, unloading, transporting, positioning and setting the RockStep stones in place. 



RockSteps offer a consistent 6 in. height. Uniformity offers level, flat landing areas with attractive face, corners and sides. 


Easily Installed

Installations are simple since you can handle and place RockSteps without heavy equipment. A primary base is required, which consists of a tamping bond with a combination of gravel and sand mixtures.

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